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This week I've experimented with a new way for me to write and it has to do with outlining. That is something that I have not been able to do. Usually I have a good idea, write about it and then abandon the story somewhere in the middle. That happens for a variety of reasons but one of the main ones is that I don't know where the story is going. Some writers suggest that the end of the story should be written first but I have never had a neat story idea with a beginning, middle and end.

This week, with online index cards and a notebook, I attempted to plot/outline just one chapter and it worked well. That's a surprise! First it became clear that my original idea wasn't going to work followed by the realization that I had not begun the story in the right place.

The physical act of drawing out story board blocks on graft paper and using arrows and color was much more satisfying and productive for me than just using computer generated index cards - to a point. Once blocks were crossed out and others added with convoluted arrows, that's when I needed paper or computer index cards that I could manipulate or toss at will.

Does anyone else use outlines or index cards?

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29/5/11 16:44 (UTC)
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Ah, lassie, I totally fail at using anything. I find it really boring to map out a story like that. Saying that, I like your pictures idea because the nearest thing I use would be picture layouts of plot points. I keep them in my head rather than draw them out but it's the same thing. I write linearly and keep the plot in my head in a series of images. That way I remember everything but keep it malleable enough to keep my writing fresh and exciting.

Hmm, lots of people talk about how they write but I haven't heard of anyone doing it like me. Am I a writing freak? ;-)


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