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Scapple, it turns out, is even better than paper and pen, for how I use it. That is saying something because I try out a lot of apps for the computer, iPhone and iPad and few are easier or better than good old paper and pencil.

This app is making the cut because I can (and do) throw up every idea that crosses my mind and put in lines to link them, move them around and highlight in various ways things that show promise or the reverse. Also I can wipe them away like they've never been, but I use that sparingly. With my memory-like-a-sieve I'd rather have them stick around just in case.

I am having a problem with goals as usual. I create a great world, a good premise and then I can't think of why they should be doing what I want them to do. What I think I need to do is take it back to the "let's tell a story" level, as if I was telling this story to my children. When I did that, I never bothered with explaining why or how, I just told a good story. I described what was and went from there. Like J.K. Rowling never explained who built Hogwarts or how, it just was. She probably knows the background herself but it isn't necessary for the story she wanted to tell.

I'm trying to get caught up in the back story which it isn't necessary for the story I am telling. Good lesson


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