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Going to ALA was a bit of an epiphany about writing and me. I haven't been writing (much) because of all the stress at work (something I vow to deal with) and stress about not writing. I have a friend at work who is determined to be published and he puts a lot of pressure on me to do the same. I should add that he not only writes, he goes to workshops and classes. He is goal oriented and, as one does, he wants me to be just like him.

I'm not. I'm process oriented. I like the process of writing and I don't really care if there is an end product. I don't care if I finish a story. At ALA, there were lots of authors and they had their butts planted in chairs smiling at everyone, signing books, giving speeches. I do that enough at work, minus the signing books, so I don't want to do more of it.

I'm a hobby writer and that's okay. DragonCon is coming up and Trav has put a lot of pressure on me to go to the three day workshops. He says for me, but mostly it is for him, on the other hand, there are some workshops that I think would do me good. Hanging with a bunch of writers might get the excitement going again, plus I really would like to get better at my hobby, even if it is never more than a hobby. So maybe I should go to the workshops about writing and skip the ones about publishing?
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